Joe D’Aqui

Self taught, Joe was into drums since he was a child but got serious at age 14 when he began playing in local progressive metal bands (80’s) and studied with Tom Cavalucci (Jim Chapin’s student). At 21 he was teaching drums while in college. 

Teaching and opening his tastes to Jazz/Fusion/Funk led him to completely change everything: got rid of the large Neil Peart drum set and stripped down to a 5 pc. set and taught himself how to play all over again: being a groove oriented foundation. As a result, Joe was involved in funk, R&B, and rock projects in the NYC and tri-state area but seriously began to perform with bands after a long hiatus, starting in 2011. Besides being a member of Who On Earth, Joe plays in the NJ Metal band PIERCED and creates drum covers and lessons on YouTube.

Joe plays Yamaha & Pearl Drums, Zildjian & Meinl cymbals, Scorpion Percussion signature sticks, and Tama Speed Cobra pedals with a Trick driveshaft and Tama wood beaters. Equipment specifics are available at his site.